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Whether it is just one garage, a multi car garage, or even a workshop, we are able to help you come up with a design that is certainly right to get you. With contemporary design, excellent styling and superb manufacture, all these garages offer exceptional value intended for money, so it's no surprise why they are proving extremely popular. Boasting great specifications, the garages are built to last, made from materials that provide exceptional strength and durability along with impressive security.
Responsibility for obtaining planing & building control approval are solely that of the purchaser and consent to maintain the seller harmless for any claims & liabilities which may result from the building. After materials have recently been purchased deposits are non refundable. Buildings remain the property of Quality Metallic Buildings until paid for in full.metal garages nc
If you require dependable, high-quality modular buildings or portable cabins, then seem no further. SiBCAS has an extensive range of exceptional accommodation units offered for hire, from self-contained welfare units, storage pots and anti-vandal offices to multi-functional modular buildings to suit any purpose which include modular classrooms, sports clubs and health centres.
Purchasing a new garage or construction is a very large financial commitment and selection of the right product and provider are of equal importance. All of our personnel are trained to guide prospective customers through the technical jargon and help with the choices available. We take our responsibilities very significantly and take great enjoyment receiving some of the glowing accolades we now have received for the quality of service and product we provide. Please be sure that in considering your purchase, either through ourselves or elsewhere, you are self-confident in the product and service you are getting. Not everyone takes the care we do, from start to finish, in ensuring TOTAL customer satisfaction.
The Regular Design, (Standard Rolled-Corner Type), and the Boxed Eave Style, (or A-Frame Type), both come standard with the Horizontal Roof Design. The Boxed Eave Style can also be built with the Vertical Roof Style. Each style can end up being constructed with either the 14 Gauge or 12 Gauge Frame. The ridges of the steel panels within a Horizontal Roof style run parallel to the sides in the building. On a Vertical Roof Design, the ridges in the metal panels run from your leading of the building to the sides. Both Styles and Roof Types can also serve as the metal frame for any kind of Full or Partial Enclosure, or almost any type of custom job you may require. We strongly recommend the Vertical Roof Design on all structures more than 31 Ft. long.


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